Announcing the 2015 MIT INSPIRE Finalists!

February 27, 2015

The MIT INSPIRE Team is excited to announce the list of Finalists and Alternates!

You’ve been patiently waiting to hear the outcome of the first round of competitions, and the results are in! We have identified approximately 100 finalist projects to join us in person at MIT for the final round of competitions to be held April 7-9, 2015. We will send them emails with specific instructions on next steps. We have also identified a selected list of alternates should some of the finalists decide to drop out of the competition.

We are deeply honored and touched by the overwhelming response we have received in our inaugural year from around the country. The MIT INSPIRE team of Experts was impressed with your incredible work. They have commented that several projects were on highly relevant topics and of outstanding caliber for high school students! However, given the highly competitive nature of the competition and our limited resources, it is unfortunate that we are unable to invite everyone to the final round at MIT.

Our Experts ranged from MIT department heads, professors, and alumni to post-doctoral fellows and graduate students across the various disciplines. We sincerely thank them for volunteering their time and energy on INSPIRE through the snowy winter in Boston.

We also congratulate every student who took the initiative to participate in research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. It demonstrates not only curiosity, passion, and higher-level thinking but also dedication and hard work to keep at it and submit by the deadline. We are confident that these students will find opportunities to apply the skills from this experience in the near future.

We would further like to extend our greatest appreciation to all of the mentors who supported participants throughout their research. Such personal interest and dedication goes a long way in shaping the futures of students.

Do continue to keep an eye out for updates from us. In the meantime, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and as always, feel free to contact us via our website if you have any questions.

Thank you again to all who participated in the inaugural MIT INSPIRE 2015 Competition!