Meet the Team

Team Photo

Left to right: Angela, Archis, Stephen, Kirby, Vaishnavi, Lauren, Daphne

Here's a little bit about the MIT INSPIRE team:

The idea behind the competition occurred to Vaishnavi while she was in high school. Now, as a sophomore and a 2015 Burchard Scholar, she is excited to work with the Team to bring the idea to life. Vaishnavi is fond of Indian classical music, calligraphy, and mountain goats. She is most INSPIREd by wonderful teachers who ignite and fuel curiosity both inside and outside the classroom.

Lauren is a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is especially interested in American foreign policy and is pursuing a concentration in Political Science. Lauren enjoys learning to play the harmonica and reading ridiculous amounts of fiction in her free time, and is looking forward to meeting America's future humanities, arts, and social sciences researchers in April! She is most INSPIREd by the doctors serving in Doctors Without Borders and the life-saving work they do every single day.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, where her favorite subjects in high school were history and math, Kirby is a sophomore majoring in economics and business analytics. In her free time, she enjoys playing the harp and reading about foreign cultures. She is most INSPIREd by epic movie soundtracks, especially the themes from Braveheart, Avatar, and Jurassic Park.

Archis is a freshman interested in chemistry, neuroscience, bioengineering, and, of course, the humanities! Originally from Potomac Falls, VA, he enjoys sculpting, painting, and hiking in his free time. He also considers himself a Bollywood film buff. He is most INSPIREd by the feats of professional mountain climbers.

Sustainability competitions and an urban studies project in high school piqued Angela’s interest in the dynamic interplay between HASS (what we call the humanities, arts, and social sciences at MIT) and STEM fields. Now a freshman, she is considering Economics as a major. She can hand-whistle and loves writing, photography, (over-)analyzing books and movies, and traveling and learning about different cultures. This year, she’s looking forward to the cold weather (she’s from the sticky humid tropics of Singapore), and is most INSPIREd by hot showers and hot coffee.

Remi is a sophomore majoring in CS, but don’t be fooled - she’s a humanities lover at heart! She loves Oxford commas, Spanish, Harry Potter (did you really think it wouldn’t be mentioned on a site like this?), her mother, and the feeling of being alive. What most INSPIREs her are kindness, positive energy, and the spark of humanity, which isn’t at all hard to find if we simply open our eyes and look.

Pretty much all through high school, Stephen did chemistry, chemistry, and more chemistry. And now he’s a sophomore and chemistry major at MIT (go figure!). Ironically, it was only after arriving at MIT that he discovered that his interest in the humanities had grown into a passion and that’s how he finds himself working to make MIT INSPIRE a reality. He used to play violin and hopes to pick it up again and is planning on adding a second major in a HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) field. He is INSPIREd and amazed by those people who have found their passions and are pursuing them.

Daphne is a sophomore majoring in biology from Woodmere, NY. She is most INSPIREd by traveling and learning about other cultures. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, reading, photography, and playing the ukelele.