May 2018


Dear MIT INSPIRE Applicants,


MIT INSPIRE was started in 2015 with a mission: to encourage young people to seek innovative solutions to global problems through rigorous inquiry in the humanities, arts, and social science fields. Since then, the competition has seen the best of interdisciplinary intellectual inquiry and has worked to promote independent research among the brightest young minds.


MIT INSPIRE is also unique in that it has been wholly student-run for the entirety of its existence. MIT takes pride in encouraging its students to be independent and innovative problem-solvers. Because our students are kept very busy with the rigors of their academic curriculum alone, however, an extracurricular project such as this can and did become overwhelming. Nonetheless, we wish to honor our students’ original commitment to MIT INSPIRE 2018 by evaluating all submissions and recognizing the exceptional ones.


We have been working diligently with faculty and staff in MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences to assemble an expert judging panel equipped to evaluate your submissions. Over the next few months, judges will assess submissions on established criteria, and finalists' work will be personally evaluated by Dean of MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Agustin Rayo. All participants will be notified of the results virtually by October 1, 2018 (please check the MIT INSPIRE website for updates), and winners will receive prizes via mail.


We believe in the importance of research, collaboration, and problem-solving in changing the world for the better. Recognizing the amount of effort that has been dedicated to these projects—from students, to families, to teachers and administrators—we are determined to celebrate your achievements. We apologize for the disappointment many of you have experienced over the past few months. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process, and for believing in MIT INSPIRE and its mission in promoting the pursuit of knowledge.




Mx. Emma Lennon, Project Manager for MIT INSPIRE 2018

Dr. Leah Flynn Gallant, Associate Dean & Director, Student Leadership & Engagement Programs






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Photo Credit: Sam Magee