Awards and Prizes


Top Prizes*

  1. INSPIRE Aristotle Award for Best in Competition and Presentation, sponsored by the Dean's Office of the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
  2. INSPIRE Mozart Award for Most Original Research, presented by the Council for the Arts at MIT
  3. INSPIRE Lincoln Award based on Community Choice, sponsored by the MIT Community Service Fund
  4. INSPIRE Athena Award for the Most INSPIRational Mentor, dedicated in memory of James Pepperman, Educator in English
  5. INSPIRE Shakespeare Blog Award for the Most INSPIRational Blog, sponsored by the Harvard MIT Coop

Category Prizes
For each category in the final round (may be less than 13 depending upon on the topics and number of entries),

  1. First Place award
  2. Honorable Mention(s) in some categories as appropriate


Note: For team entries, prize money will be divided equally between team members. 

Winners will be responsible for any tax implications of their prize money.


*Proposed. Yet to be finalized.