Any and all of the above are valid reasons to participate, no, reasons you should participate.


1. The Knowledge

What makes you tick? Find out by delving deep into something that interests you. Get a taste of what research in a field that you love is all about – learn about the process, derive legitimate results, and demonstrate your expertise. Gain key skills to make you well rounded.

When you’re in college, you’ll have an easier time doing research under a professor since you can show that you already have significant experience.

2. The Glory

You definitely earn bragging rights. But more than that, by participating in a national event, you demonstrate to the world (and college admissions committees!) that you took the initiative to explore your passions, made the time to dig deeper, and even took it to the next level. You prove that your inquiry is noteworthy. And you stand out from your peers who may have participated in only STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) research and competitions. 

Not to mention, you can win awards and monetary prizes!

3. The Experience

Who wouldn’t want the awesome opportunity to meet, connect with, and impress some of the top experts in your favorite disciplines? You’ll most definitely be INSPIREd by getting feedback on your project, finding out about their career paths, receiving advice by the experts, and participating in cool events. Come explore the enriching experience MIT has to offer you at the event. As someone who is interested in the humanities, arts and social sciences, talk to current students from around the country and participate in an unforgettable experience as a high school student.



Photo credits: MIT AMPS, INSPIRE Team