INSPIRE 2016 Winners


2016 INSPIRE Aristotle Award - $10,000 for Best in Competition

Sponsored by the MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Dean's Office

Trisha Prabhu, Naperville, IL

Project: "ReThink: An Effective Way to Prevent Cyberbullying in Adolescents"

Category: Science, Technology and Society

2016 INSPIRE Mozart Award - $5,000 for Most Original Research

Sponsored by the Council for the Arts at MIT

Munawar Rahman, New York, NY

Project: "Jails by Java: Simulating Disparities in Incarceration Rates and Subsequent Solutions with Object-Oriented Statistical Programing"

Category: Political Science

2016 INSPIRE Lincoln Award - $3,000 based on Community Choice

Sponsored by the MIT Community Service Fund

Jaden Jarmel-Schneider and Natalie Bunimovitz, San Francisco, CA

Project: "Revolutionary Medicine: The Culture of Cuban Healthcare Abroad"

Category: Anthropology

2016 INSPIRE Athena Award - $2000 for Most INSPIRATIONAL Mentor

Dedicated to Ellen LeClair, Educator in English and French, Commack High School in New York

David Cantrell,

Instructor for Humanities, North Carolina School of Science and Math

Durham, NC


2016 INSPIRE Mentor Award Runner Up - $500

Klaudia Janek,

Librarian, International Academy

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


First Place in Category

Category Title Name City State
Anthropology Revolutionary Medicine: The Culture of Cuban Healthcare Abroad Natalie Bunimovitz, Jaden Jarmel-Schneider San Francisco CA
Art and Architecture Wilhelm von Gloeden and the Construction of a Sicilian Idyll Ella Nowicki Madison WI
Cultural Studies Academic Apartheid; a Longitudinal Analysis of Educational Output Inequality in Post-Apartheid South Africa Aaron Orelowitz New York city NY
Comparative Media Studies Pop-Culture Patriotism: American Heroes in the Age of Technology Piper Winkler Andover MA
Economics Forced Displacement and Education: The Impact of Refugees on the Education of Host Country Students Dawson Verley Fairbanks AS
History The GI Bill- Delivery on the Promise to Educate Veterans- 1944 vs. Today Drew Sheldon Cincinnati OH
Linguistics Evaluating Eye Contact in the Clinic and Language Behavior in the Home in Children With ASD Emily Komarow Bronx NY
Literature Walk on the Wilde Side: Oscar Wilde as a Symbol in "The Master" and "The Invention of Love" Audrey Powers Tucson AZ
Music Programming Music: The Applications of Algorithmic Composition Max Lin, Roman Kuhn Spring TX
Philosophy On Mind and Body: An Anti-Physicalist Solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness Anna Stoneman Fitchburg WI
Political Science Analyzing the Relationship between People’s Opinions on Freedom of Expression with a Country’s Development Tasmia Kabir, Anushka Malik Bronx NY
Science, Technology and Society ReThink: An Effective Way to Prevent Cyberbullying in Adolescents Trisha Prabhu Naperville IL
Women's and Gender Studies How K-pop Mirrors Gender Roles Soyee Kim San Diego CA

Second Place in Category

Category Title Name City State
Anthropology Impact of age and financial status of patients or caregivers on perceptions of hospice care and the choice of hospice Jahnavi Kishore Berwyn PA
Art and Architecture The Flawed Dynamic of the Museum Space: Experiencing Art as a Multicultural Consumer Karly Andreassen Durham NC
Cultural Studies Suicide and High Risk Behavior in LGBT Teens: What Causes it, and Why? Manasi Deorah Ashburn VA
Comparative Media Studies The Problem of Anonymity in Social Media: A Case Study of Yik Yak Yoon Jin Lee Irvine CA
Economics Food for Thought: Impact of School Meal Policies on Nutritional, Environmental, and Economic Footprints Mary Zhu Nashua NH
History The Racial Implications of the Reagan Administration's Punitive Anti-Drug Policies Simran Suri Lawrenceville NJ
Linguistics The Evolution of Color Term Use in English Fiction Over Time (14th-20th centuries) Sophia Balkovski Irvine CA
Literature Analysis of the Religious Undertones in "Death Note" Rajita Pujare San Jose CA
Music A Music Theory: The Correlation Between Music Program Participation And Academic Accomplishment Alicia Harris Oakley CA
Philosophy The post-9/11 Surveillance State: A Model for Agamben's State of Exception Jessica Dai Bellevue WA
Political Science Fighting Moms: Can the Korean Government Diffuse its Demographic Time Bomb By Listening to its Women Warriors? Elizabeth S Jin Seoul South Korea
Science, Technology and Society Public Health and Safety: Evaluating the FDA in Relation to Oncology Andrew Sorota New Rochelle NY
Women's and Gender Studies Using Female Vocational Skill Programs to Improve Current Inefficiencies in Developmental Assistance Vaannila Annadurai Louisville KY

Honorable Mentions

Category Title Name City State
Anthropology Among Staten Island Opioid Users with Past Overdose Experience and Knowledge of Naloxone, Predicted Opioid Use Does Not Increase Erica Gibble New York NY
Anthropology Possible Selves and Fear of Recurrence in Young Adults with Cancer Nell McKenna New York NY
Cultural Studies Socioeconomic levels and Academic Achievement Kylin Milisits Poolesville MD
Economics A Robot Recession: The Rise of Technological Unemployment and its Implications on the Future Macroeconomic Landscape Young Joon Kim New York NY
History The Dulles Brothers and the Iranian Coup of 1953: Obstinate Leadership and its Domineering Legacy Christophen En, Justin Yannix Bedford MA
Linguistics The Effect of Perceived Competence Levels of Speakers on the Question Answering by Listeners Michelle Amoedo New York City NY
Literature Investigating Inarticulacy Joseph Wiswell Durham NC
Political Science Percent of Life as a U.S. Resident as a Predictor of Asian American Voter Turnout Grace Sue New York NY
Political Science The Construction of an Endangered Species -- What it Means to be “Endangered” in a World Where the Definition Keeps Shifting Kendall Futrell Durham NC
Science, Technology and Society Daniel Halladay's Self-Regulating Windmill: Propelling the First U.S. Transcontinental Railroad & Changing America's Landscape Samuel Porcello West Hartford CT
Women's and Gender Studies The Building Blocks of Rome: Analyzing Women's Role in the Founding Stories of Ancient Rome Kiana Borjian Daly City CA