INSPIRE 2017 Winners


2017 INSPIRE Aristotle Award - $10,000 for Best in Competition

Sponsored by the MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Dean's Office

John Xu

Project: "Mitigating Congestion through Map Design: A Case Study of Washington DC Subway"

School: Deerfield Academy, MA

Category: Economics

2017 INSPIRE Mozart Award - $5,000 for Most Original Research

Sponsored by the Council for the Arts at MIT

Prathik Naidu

Project: "Project Mercury: An Accurate Edge Detection and Character Recognition Tool for Analyzing Ancient Classical Inscriptions"

School: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, VA

Category: Art and Architecture

2017 INSPIRE Lincoln Award - $3,000 based on Community Choice

Sponsored by the MIT Community Service Fund

Jia Zhang

Project: "The Theory of Revolution:  Impact of Nationalistic vs. Ethnocentric Revolutionary Rhetoric on the Ethnic Relations...(con't)"

School: Belmont High School, MA

Category: History


2017 INSPIRE Athena Award - $2000 for Most INSPIRATIONAL Mentor

Dedicated in memory of James Pepperman, Educator in English, Commack High School in New York

Zachary Brown

Teacher for English/ Social Science, Canyon Crest Academy

San Diego, CA

2017 INSPIRE Shakespeare Blog Award  - $1000

Sponsored by the MIT COOP

Lenna Kanehara

Project: "Koreans in Japan: Chongryon's Fight Against Assimilation"

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Category: History



First Place in Category

Category Title Name City State

The Extent of Orality in Modern Education 

Julia Drewelow, Alyssa Cho


Canyon Crest Academy CA
Art and Architecture Project Mercury: An Accurate Edge Detection and Character Recognition Tool for Analyzing Ancient Classical Inscriptions Prathik Naidu Sterling VA
Cultural Studies

They Swarmed With Celestials: Chinese Railroad Workers and the Model Minority Myth

Suzan Kim


Comparative Media Studies

From Foucault to Facebook: Self-Censorship in the Age of Social Media

Ashley Kwon Troy NY

Mitigating Congestion through Map Design: A Case Study of Washington DC Subway

John Xu Deerfield MA

The Collapse of the International Trade Organization: An Analysis and Autopsy of the Havana Charter

Ryan Leung Lexington MA

Human-Computer Interaction: Translating English Into Code

Sophia Balkovski Irvine CA
Literature The Infinity of Interpretation: Barthes, Bellatin, and the Essence of Haiku Jhiseung Hahn Execer NH

The Effects of Motivational Music and Intensity on Performance, Psychological and Psychophysical Responses

Sofia Guarnieri Sleepy Hollow NY

Nudge Theory: The Legitimacy of Implementing Heuristics in Choice Architecture

Sharon Lin New York NY
Political Science

How do police enforce the construct of race in America?

Djelimory Diabate

Durham NC
Science, Technology and Society

The Ethics of Linking Genetics and Crime

Nikhil Dwibhashyam

Lake Orion MI
Women's and Gender Studies

Keepin' It Real: Hip-Hop as a Platform for the Third-Wave Feminist Movement

Isabelle Lee Irvine CA

Second Place in Category

Category Title Name City State

Main Factors Contributing to Cognitive Growth in Preschool Children in Tanzania and India

Jung Won Park Tarrytown NY
Cultural Studies

The History of Asians in America, the Resulting Stereotypes, and its Modern Expression towards Asian-American Women in Politics

Elaine Wei La Jolla CA
Comparative Media Studies

Making Connections: A Study on How the Digital Age of Fandom Cultivates Creativity and Cultural Cognizance

Zong Zhang

Bellevue WA
Economics Using Artificially Intelligent Swarm Optimization for Carry Trade Optimization to Generate Returns

Pratik Danu, Runik Mehrotra

Bloomfield MI
History Polarizing Politics, Jewish History, and Scapegoating: The Effects of the Dreyfus Affair

Ema Schumer

New York NY

Is Vowel Insertion for Turkish Onset Cluster Repair Intrusion or Epenthesis? An Acoustic Study

Mallika Pajjuri Dublin CA

Satire, Religion, and Science in Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle

Eva Kitlen

Niwot CO

Decoding Winning Oscar Songs Using Logistic Regression Model

Kaitlynn Li Plano TX
Political Science

The Electoral College: A Mathematical Model of Decisive Voting Power Using Enumerative Combinatorics

Lucia Zheng

Aloha OR
Science, Technology and Society

Genetic Identity Theft: Legislative Solutions for the Protection of Genetic Information

Preanka Pillai Marlboro NJ
Women's and Gender Studies

The Factors that Affect Risk-Taking in Boys and Girls

Caroline Kachnowski

Sleepy Hollow NY

Honorable Mentions

Category Title Name City State

Identifying protective and risk factors associated with behavioral misadventure in high sensation seeking adolescents

Michelle Morgenthal

Armonk NY
Cultural Studies

Assessing the Socioeconomic Factors Behind Suicide Rates in Japan

Maria Hearn, Anthony Fasula

Fort Pierce FL
Comparative Media Studies

The identification of "healthy" social media use: A study of affluent suburban teens' use of Facebook, YouTube, and video games

Sarah Ehrlich

Armonk NY

The iRisk Model and the RiskFit App: Tracking Divergences in Risk “App”etite of Teens and Investment Professionals

Sidharth Muralidhar

Alexandria VA

The Theory of Revolution:  Impact of Nationalistic vs. Ethnocentric Revolutionary Rhetoric on the Ethnic Relations... (con't)

Jia Zhang

Belmont MA

An Analysis of the Reduplication of Emojis

Jacob Dunefsky

Irvington NY

Alternating Sounds- Phonographies of Resistance in Postbellum American Literature

Joshua Massey

Durham NC
Music Research

Music to My Ears: The Positive Impacts of an El Sistema Inspired Community-based Music Program on Children

Matthew Minsoo Sakai, Audrey Chung

Weston MA
Political Science

A Rothbardian Justice System and Political Feasibility

Nathaniel McCloud

Elizabethtown PA
Science, Technology and Society

"Not So Dumb Jock": The Effects of High School Athletic Participation on Student Productivity and Achievement

Sarah Finkelstein

Port Washington NY
Science, Technology and Society

A Prudent and Democratic Approach to Regulating CRISPR/Cas 9 Technology

Daniel Cui

Deerfield MA
Women's and Gender Studies

The war within the Sex: Examining Barriers to Solidarity within the U.S. Feminist Movement

Elaina Sassine

La Jolla CA
Women's and Gender Studies

The Extent of Gender Imbalance in High School Debate

Amanda Tanaka

San Diego CA