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What student participants are saying about INSPIRE --

  • "I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the unforgettable 3 day INSPIRE competition. I learned so much from the guest speakers, as well as the peer finalists from so many different fields of interests. I left with a great desire to pursue more research in areas that I want to explore deeper after some of the amazing speeches I heard. Truly inspiring!"

  • "I loved the process of my research and I wouldn't have understood the implications of the humanities without your event. INSPIRE motivated me to chase my questions and pursue concrete evidence in non-STEM fields. I'm so happy that I was invited to present at MIT. I made some really great friends and talked to professors who humbled me with their passion and intelligence for music. Thank you for that."

  • “MIT INSPIRE catapulted me from adolescent obscurity to researching for a nonprofit and presenting at an international academic conference in less than a year.” 

  • “Delving into my area of interest to an unprecedented depth was an absolutely phenomenal experience.”

  • "INSPIRE is an amazing opportunity for teenagers to learn more about the world around them and improve their role as a citizen."

  • "INSPIRE allowed me to improve my research skills and think about problems in a different way. I really liked that I got to connect with new people as a result of my research. It really encouraged me to reach out to my community and peers."

  • "I learned a lot about what it means to do in depth research - not just techniques, but also the idea that your thesis is derived from your research not the other way around, and also that there's never one right answer."

  • "It allowed me to test my limits and know myself better in handling a longterm project on my own. It also let me see if I was interested in research as lifelong career. I also met amazing people, such as my mentor, in the process."

  • "I just wanted to thank you all for such an amazing competition and experience. I had a lot of fun, made new friends, and got a chance to look around Boston."

  • "Going to MIT has been a dream of mine since I was 5 years old. Although I did not win, it was an amazing experience! It was inspiring." 

  • “Ending the competition with an impressive paper that not only prepared me for college papers, but one for which I can truly feel proud.”

  • "I enjoyed that there were little rules pertaining to how or what your research would be. I think this is an important part and should be kept as a key part of the MIT INSPIRE Competition."

  • “I loved the academic disposition of the competition as a whole. It felt great to create what was almost like a dissertation!”

  • "Many people put the humanities down and deem them less important than science and therefore unworthy or research. This competition has given me the ability to prove that the humanities and my interests in the humanities are important.”

  • "This is really a once in a lifetime chance for students who enjoy delving into subjects that are not encompassed by the numerous STEM competitions in the world."

  • "I enjoyed having the opportunity to pursue a project in a field which is rarely discussed in my school (linguistics) . I also love capitalizing on my strengths, and INSPIRE gave me the chance to take advantage of the fact that I am a poly-linguist  and create a project that could potentially have positive impact on the world."

  • The whole experience was transformational for me.

What educators and mentors are saying about INSPIRE --

  • “Mentoring three students was such a profound & meaningful experience that I am designing a course next year that will be modeled after the INSPIRE process. My school's administration is in complete support.”

  • “I will bring this MIT-Inspire research challenge to my IB and AP students (who number over 200 at our high school…) so that they might find a topic through their interests in economics, history, or literature.”

  • "This is an excellent opportunity to put the components of research into practice. It provides a very authentic environment to teach research skills, especially the annotated bibliography."

  • "I am impressed with your inspiration to excite and challenge high school students."

  • "My mentee was very enthusiastic and loved every aspect of the research project. She responded very well to constructive criticism and was willing to overextend herself by talking to experts in the field of research."

  • “The competition encourages higher level thinking, and I used it as a class midterm exam.”

  • "Research and writing are some of the most critical skills we can develop in students.  This competition allows them to do this at the intersection of science and the humanities and this is truly unique."

  • "I co-teach an integrated English and social studies course. I would like to offer our entire class the opportunity to enter the competition.”

  • "A student club around the competition would make a cool addendum to my AP English Lang. curriculum next year."

  • "Thank you for such an incredible and real-world experience for my students!"