MIT INSPIRE 2015 Winners

2015 INSPIRE Aristotle Award - $8,000 for Best in Competition

Co-sponsored by the MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Dhruv Gupta and Srijith Poduval, Alexandria, VA

Project: “The Process of Gathering and Analyzing Twitter Data to Predict Stock Returns”

Category: Economics

2015 INSPIRE Mozart Award - $5,000 for Most Original Research

Co-sponsored by the Council for the Arts at MIT

Sydney Yuen, Poolesville, MD

Project: “The Radium Dial Painters: Unforeseen Consequences of the Industrial Revolution”

Category: History

2015 INSPIRE Lincoln Award - $2,000 based on Community Choice

Co-sponsored by the MIT Community Service Fund

Xinlan Emily Hu, Louisville, KY

Project: “Formulating and Implementing a Right to Be Forgotten in the United States: American Approaches to a Law of International Origin”

Category: Science, Technology and Society

2015 INSPIRE Athena Award - $2000 for Most INSPIRATIONAL Mentor

Amanda Toothacre

Humanities Teacher, Canyon Crest Academy

San Diego, CA

2015 INSPIRE Mentor Award Runner Up - $500

Co-sponsored by the Gulen Youth Institute

Daniel McKenna

High School Humanities Teacher, Poolesville High School

Poolesville, MD


First Place in Category

Category Title Name City State
Anthropology East and West: Comparing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Allopathic Medicine Christina Tao Poolesville MD
Art and Architecture The Aesthetic of Nihilism: Nietzsche and Dada Film Safwan Khatib Indianapolis IN
Cultural Studies Creating an Index of Civic Marginalization as a Predictor of Well-Being among Immigrant Young Adults Yunhee Hyun New York NY
Comparative Media Studies Mind Your Studies: A Multimedia Resource for the Contemporary Student Brianna Pierce Poolesville MD
Economics The process of gathering and analyzing Twitter Data to Predict Stock Returns Dhruv Gupta
Srijith Poduval
Alexandria VA
History The Founding of the United States of America: Overcoming Division and Adversity Jordan Cozby Madison AL
Literature Prose and Pixels: An Analysis of Video Games in a Literary Context Joanna Tao
Lily Lu
Weston MA
Music Pitch Perfect at the Emmys: Unlocking the Signature of Award-winning TV Scores Nivedina Sarma Denton TX
Philosophy Locke: The Key to Jefferson's Native American Policies Jordane Sozi
Shirin Moti
Northridge CA
Political Science The Effect of Ancestral Roots on Support for Foreign Aid Marta Maksymyuk Bronx NY
Science, Technology and Society Formulating and Implementing a Right to Be Forgotten in the United States: American Approaches to a Law of International Origin Xinlan Hu Louisville KY
Women's and Gender Studies Decisions about infant feeding: A comparative study of women of higher and lower education levels Danielle Ann Adiletta Armonk NY

Second Place in Category

Category Title Name City State
Anthropology Social-Emotional Learning: The Effect of Parental Play Values on Children of Low Income Raisa Haq Bronx NY
Art and Architecture Practicality of LEED Harjot Sidhu
Nathan Vu
Cupertino CA
Cultural Studies Political Activism In The Black Community Poiret Coulibaly Poolesville MD
Comparative Media Studies Give Me Twitter or Give Me Death: A Study on the Shift from Traditional Media to Social Media in the Presence of Censorship in Venezuela Fernanda Herrera San Diego CA
Economics The Projected Impacts of Ebola-Combating Policies on the U.S. Tourism Industry Mary Zhu Nashua NH
History The Radium Dial Painters: Unforeseen Consequences of the Industrial Revolution Sydney Yuen Poolesville MD
Literature Language and Spirituality in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury Shashank Rao Bloomfield Hills MI
Music How Does Music Help a Child Develop Speech for Communication? Nawrin Nishat Bronx NY
Philosophy Teotl vs. Tao: Comparing Tlamatinime and Taoist Thought Richard Wu Houston TX
Political Science What Psychological Factors in the Human Adolescence Affect the Development of An Individual's Political Beliefs? Dimitrios Sparis Atlanta GA
Science, Technology and Society How the Internet Has Affected the Sources of Health Information: Evidence from the General Social Survey Kathryn Wicks
Syeda Wahid
Women's and Gender Studies Media Stereotyping of Females in Computer Science Jaiden Fallo Chicago IL

Honorable Mentions

Category Title Name City State
Anthropology An Analysis of What Makes A Nonprofit Successful on Social Media Salvatore Ingrassia San Diego CA
Art and Architecture The Extent of the Effectiveness of Multicultural Education Theory in Art Education Samantha Ho San Diego CA
Cultural Studies Romanticism Tendencies in MIllennials: An Inquiry in Generational Characteristics Alexander Gelland San Diego CA
Cultural Studies Intelligence Is Not a Gift: The Controversy of Labeling Students as "Gifted" Emily Yuen North Potomac MD
Comparative Media Studies Survivability of a Virtual Idol: Would an open-source model for musical entertainment such as Crypton’s Hatsune Miku be successful in the United States? Hope Radel Tokyo VA
Economics The "Hunger Games" Dilemma: A Game Theory Approach to the Economics of Revolution Rohan Rao Johns Creek GA
Economics Learning Disability and Autism Diagnosis in New York State: The Effects of Common Core State Standards Adoption, District Resource Need and Urbanization Julia Donheiser New York NY
History Impact of European Colonization during New Imperialism on West Africa Zilu Li
Tomas Arango
Houston TX
Literature Relationship between Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novels - “Purple Hibiscus” and “Half of a Yellow Sun" - and the Nigerian Civil War Jessica Wang Bellevue WA
Music Music's Effect on Frontal Lobe Processes Austin Reid
Carver Coleman
Canton CT
Philosophy The Liability of End-of-Life Care Christy Ng Poolesville MD
Political Science Analyzing the Role of YouTube as a Platform for Political Conversation: A Case Study of Same-Sex Marriage Referendums in North Carolina and Washington Pooja Joshi Raleigh NC
Science, Technology and Society The Winds of Change: A Global Revolution in Energy Shomik Sen Houston TX
Women's and Gender Studies Factors that may be implemented in childhood to increase success of women in STEM fields Navpreet Kaur Bronx NY



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