MIT views the humanities, arts and social sciences as crucial disciplines for students to study in order to develop as successful innovators and effective, responsible citizens.
There has been significant research showing the value of a multi-disciplinary education, in terms of the increased cultural and historical perspectives, communication skills, creativity, and good judgment that such an education cultivates.
In a recent report, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences describes the humanities and social sciences as critical to cultivating our nation’s innovation, competition, and democracy.
Teenagers and youth in our nation’s high schools are often passionate about satisfying their curiosity in liberal arts areas. However, there are very few national platforms that motivate them to pursue inquiry, ask questions, explore possibilities and hypotheses, research for evidence and showcase their findings. Even if students do pursue such structured inquiry, there is only scarce opportunity to share their experience and results with peers, professionals, and experts in these fields.
MIT INSPIRE is aimed at filling this void. INSPIRE will bring together selected students and give them an opportunity to present their work, interact with scholars and experts, and gain experience in these disciplines. 
Our mission is Inspiring the Nation's Students to Pursue Innovative REsearch in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
A dedicated MIT student volunteer group, with support from the MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and MIT Undergraduate Admissions has stepped up to organize this event and create a rewarding experience for students from across the country.
We hope you will enjoy browsing through this website, and will consider the impact your contribution can have in the future prospects of young students who will innovate and provide leadership in the social sciences, arts, and humanities fields.